mencoba komponen grid tapestry5

Untuk halaman .tml

<html xmlns:t="">

<t:grid t:source="listbarang"/>


Sedangkan untuk halaman .java

package com.example.tutorial.pages;

import java.util.ArrayList;
 import java.util.List;

import com.example.tutorial.entities.Barang;

public class VariasiKomponen {

private List listBarang;

public List getListBarang(){
 listBarang = new ArrayList();
 listBarang.add(new Barang("1", "Lifebouyz", "Rp 2300"));
 listBarang.add(new Barang("2", "Shinzuis", "Rp 3500"));
 listBarang.add(new Barang("3", "Pepcodent", "Rp 3500"));
 listBarang.add(new Barang("4", "Clearz", "Rp 7500"));
 return listBarang;




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