menjajal komponen beaneditform tapestry5

File .tml

<html xmlns:t="">

<t:beaneditform object="mahasiswa"/>


File .java

 package com.example.tutorial.pages;

import org.apache.tapestry5.annotations.SetupRender;

import com.example.tutorial.entities.Mahasiswa;

public class MasterMahasiswa {

private Mahasiswa mahasiswa;

 void setupRender(){
 if (mahasiswa == null)
 mahasiswa = new Mahasiswa();

public Mahasiswa getMahasiswa(){
 return mahasiswa;


File :

 package com.example.tutorial.entities;


public class Mahasiswa implements Serializable {

private String id_mhs;

private String nama_mhs;

private String alamat;

private String no_hp;

private JenisKelamin jns_kelamin;

public String getId_mhs() {
 return id_mhs;

public void setId_mhs(String id_mhs) {
 this.id_mhs = id_mhs;

public String getNama_mhs() {
 return nama_mhs;

public void setNama_mhs(String nama_mhs) {
 this.nama_mhs = nama_mhs;

public String getAlamat() {
 return alamat;

public void setAlamat(String alamat) {
 this.alamat = alamat;

public String getNo_hp() {
 return no_hp;

public void setNo_hp(String no_hp) {
 this.no_hp = no_hp;

public JenisKelamin getJns_kelamin() {
 return jns_kelamin;

public void setJns_kelamin(JenisKelamin jns_kelamin) {
 this.jns_kelamin = jns_kelamin;

 public String toString() {
 return super.toString();


enum JenisKelamin{



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