monitoring stok aplikasi perpusq tapestry5

File .tml

<html t:type="layout2" title="Monitoring Stok"

 function pop(){"PopupPageLink.tml","Window1","menubar=no,width=430,height=360,toolbar=no");

<form t:type="form" t:id="form">
 <fieldset><legend>Monitoring Stok</legend>

 <td>Kode Buku</td>
 <td><input t:type="TextField" t:id="kode"/></td>

 <td>Judul Buku</td>
 <td><input t:type="TextField" t:id="judul"/></td>

 <td><br/><input t:type="Submit" t:id="filter" t:value="Filter"/>
 <input t:type="Submit" t:id="reset" t:value="Reset"/></td>

 <table t:type="grid" t:source="listMapStok" t:row="mapstok" t:rowsPerPage="20" rowClass="${evenodd}">
 <t:parameter name="kode_bukucell">
 <a t:type="actionlink" t:id="gotoBuku" t:context="${mapstok.id_buku}">${mapstok.kode_buku}</a>

<t:parameter name="keluarcell">
 <!--<t:actionlink t:id="gotoPopupNis" style="background-image: none" t:context="${mapstok.id_buku}"
 <t:if test="mapstokkeluar">
 <t:actionlink t:id="gotoPopupNis" t:context="${mapstok.id_buku}">


File .java

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